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Information on Teaching Training
Visit Comenius Network for up-to-date information on events for teachers of community languages.
The National Resource center for Supplementary Education offers training on management of community and supplementary schools.
Information on Qualifications
  • QTS – paths for qualification in England for people with experience in the field of education
  • DBS/CRB – for criminal check records
  • NARIC – for recognition of Brazilian academic qualifications in the UK
  • Languages Work – offers information on careers in foreign language teaching
  • Pathways – guidance for people interested in starting a new career as community language teachers
  • PGCE – information about teaching courses
  • Professional Development – guidance to teachers looking to progress professionally in England
  • Level 2 Certificate in Child Care and Education
  • Level 3 Diploma in Children’s Care, Learning and Development
  • Level 3 Certificate in the Teaching of Community Languages
  • Level 3 Specialist Teacher Assistant – Cache level 3
  • Post-graduate Course in Education (PGCE) for schools with secondary school levels
Where to find courses
Teaching Assistants (TAs)
Offered by: Enfield Local Authority
Duration: 20 hours/ 3 1/2 days
Contact details:
Teaching Community Languages
Offered by: Tower Hamlets College
Duration: 24 weeks (6 months)
Contact details:
Working with Learners of Community Languages
Offered by: Tower Hamlets College
Contact details:
Effective Management Skills in Supplementary Schools
Offered by: National Resource center for Supplementary Schools
Contact details:
Portuguese Language Books for Foreign Language Speakers
Avenida Brasil (Basico – vol. 1) by Tokiko Ishihara
Avenida Brasil (Intermediario – vol 2) by Tokiko Ishihara
Aprendendo Portugues do Brasil  by Maria Nazaré de Carvalho Laroca, Nadime Bara & Sonia Maria da Cunha
Fala Brasil  by Pierre Coudry
Bem-Vindo! by Maria Harumi Otuki De Ponce
Portugues Via Brasil (Avancado) by Emma Eberlein Lima
Falando…Lendo…Escrevendo...Portugues by Samira Iunes
Useful links
Bibliotecas do Brasil (Online Brazilian Libraries)
National Forum of Education (Forum Nacional de Educacao -FNE)
Observatory of the Portuguese Language (Observatório da Língua Portuguesa)
International Institute of the Portuguese Language (Instituto Internacional da Língua Portuguesa)