Workshop for Children



The aim of this workshop is to generate children’s interest in the Portuguese language (rhythm and vocabulary) and Brazilian culture using storytelling, puppets and other resources to get children involved and to spark their curiosity in characters as the stories develop.


Audience: children aged between 4 to 12 years.

Storyteller: Sylvia Roesch

Cost: Purchase of two books costing £10.00 each.

*This nominal contribution goes towards the workshop expenses.


Art & Play

This is an art club where group and individual recreational activities are offered along with a space where children can exercise their creativity, develop mutual respect, self-confidence and interact with each other. As well as taking part in this recreational activity children will be practicing their Portuguese language skills and learning about Brazilian culture.


Audience: Children aged between 7 and 14 years.

Instructor: Wanderley Moreira

Duration: 10 meetings of 1 hour each (or a shorter workshop)

Cost: £202.00*